The Coin Carvery
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About Me

   Andy Jenkins was born in Broken Hill in 1949. His early working life began in the mining industry as an ore sampler. A company restructure took place back in 1982 and Andy was forced to turn his hand to what was then his hobby as a means of support.

   Previously, on a trip overseas in 1979, Andy bought a coin at the L.A. County Fair which had been cut out by a Mexican fellow. He thought “I could do that” and promptly proceeded to teach himself an amazing craft, producing cut-out coins using a very fine bladed saw. Over the following years Andy perfected his craft and today creates stunning coin jewellery which sells around the world.

   In the early days Andy operated from a single room in an art gallery at Silverton in the far west of New South Wales. When business improved he was forced to look further afield for a larger work space.

   An old tin shed in downtown Silverton in far western NSW proved to be the ideal building to offer a stark contrast to the stunning jewellery on display. Andy worked there for many years enjoying the company of visitors from all over the world, but finally the heat, dust and flies and the lure of kinder weather on the coast saw him relocate to Narooma on the far south coast of NSW in 2013. Not a retirement move, just a relocation. Andy’s jewellery can still be purchased online or with a simple phone call.


   Andy’s salt lake racing vehicle and ‘Walter’ one of the many Kangaroos that Andy and his wife Beris care for.


   At work in ‘the shed’, Silverton


   ‘Tricycle art’ on the side of the shed at Silverton (Andy’s former workshop)